Welcome back to the world of Avatar!

This is a world based on the universe shown in the Nickelodeon shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. This takes place nearly 450 years after the time of Avatar Korra. The avatar has been reborn into the water tribe once more, the first time since harmonic convergence. Avatar Issumatar (superior), known by Matar or Mat, has yet to have been greatly tested, but that will soon change. As the world has modernized, the cohabitation and cooperation seen between human and spirit in times past has lessened to the point of non-existence.

The spirit portals are still very necessary for transportation and communication, but the advent of a new computing technology promises to obsolete one of the last ways man still relies on spirits. Benders are being pushed to the sidelines of the world stage; they are not scorned, but none view them as important. The world is threatening to leave both spirits and benders behind. what use is the Avatar in such a world?

Avatar: Spirit of Progress